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thletes will go through an▓ anti-doping test before being cooked and are "100 percent"▓

safe, Quanjude, a leading restaurant famed▓ for Peking Roast Duck, has said.A manager of

 the century-old chain restaurant said the famed dish will go through three rounds of e

xaminatio▓ns, including the anti-doping test, before being served ▓on dining tables in t

he Olympic Village

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ded by a special breeding center designated by the Beijing Organizing Committee for the Games of the XXIX Olympiad (BOCOG), said th▓e manager.The cooked dish should meet the set physics

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also prepared about 900 recipes, t

hemistry targets concerning protein, fat and minera▓l content, and will b

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of two years of testing and being

finally be open to spot tests and examinations carried out by BOCOG,

according to the manager.Quanjude ▓roast ducks are cooked over fire




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ng Kong.He said: 鈥淪ome people say that the Argentina▓ goal is the

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